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College Student Council


To build up the brand image of our institution on a global scale through our Young Leaders.


To encourage the academic, professional, and personal development of the students individually and as a group, in order to achieve overall excellence.


Objectives of the Students’ Council

1. To be the voice of the students to the administration and vice versa as well.

2. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out College activities and service projects.

3. Create an environment where every student can voice out their concern or need.

4. To provide a platform where the students can showcase their talent without hesitation.

5. The student council is responsible for the fluid and graceful functioning of Student and College organized events.


The Vibrant student council of Theivanai Ammal College For Women (Autonomous) will act as an Student body they have responsibility for all the clubs and committees on campus, which conducts many activities in the campus throughout the year. The Student Council will be responsible for the brand enhancement of the campus and will constantly strive towards making the experience of the student on campus comfortable and enriching.

It will be the responsibility of the Council to ensure that all events, activities and interactions on campus are conducted in a manner acceptable to the culture and norms of the College and Society. The council is devoted to help students realize their potentials.

Members of College Student Council

The Council has elected chairperson, vice chairperson, and selected office bearers for each department and also has Secretaries for Fine Arts, Hostel, Sports, and Extension.

* College Student Council Name List 2024 - 2025

* College Student Council Name List 2023 - 2024

* College Student Council Name List 2022 - 2023

* College Student Council Name List 2021 - 2022

* College Student Council Name List 2020 - 2021

* College Student Council Name List 2019 - 2020

* College Student Council Name List 2018 - 2019

Activities of College Student Council

· Pongal Celebration

·  Republic Day

·  Fresher’s Day

·  Independence Day

·  College Student Council Inauguration

·  Teachers day

·   Diwali Celebration

·  Religious harmony Day

· Teen Talent

·  International women’s day

·  College Student Council Election

·  College Student Council Valediction

·  Sparkz

·  Vibranz

·  Student Contribution to College

·  Student Contribution to Trust (Final Years)