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Rainwater Harvesting

  • Institution has adopted rain water harvesting facility in all the buildings of the college and including hostel.
  • It has been implemented for the main and new blocks with the capacity receiving 2mm rain at instance and pit size is 05 X 05 X 05 feet and it has been well maintained.
  • Rain water is collected from rooftops of buildings from existing down tank, connected to a common header and led to a trickling sand filter.
  • Rain water accumulation and harvesting is done to improve ground water level. Rain water is harvested from the terrace of the main block with the help of pipe lines to a small tank that forms a temporary storage space for rain water accumulation and facilitates in increase of ground water level and get benefited especially during summer.
  • The excess water is carried away with liquid waste.
  • Rain water tank is constructed in the dimension specified by the municipality for the New block and pipes from the terrace connect the pit and the terrace water outlets.
  • Storage sump has been constructed with concrete in order to maintain the quality of the water in storage.
  • Water from the rooftop will be sent to water storage sump at ground floor. Environment club has an active role in maintaining the Rain water tank.
  • Rain water harvesting also helps in replenishing the depletion of ground water level.