Women Redressal Cell For Students

Women redressal cell exclusively for students consisting of the following members:

Chairperson Principal
Co-ordinators Dean 'S',
Ms.Kanmani Anbuselvi & Dr.Sheeja S Rajan
Members Dr.R.Suguna (CS), Dr.J.Kalaimathi (Bio)
Student Representatives Chairperson & Vice Chairperson

Functioning of the Cell:

Cell accepts complaints through

  1. Student representatives
  2. Redressal boxes
  3. E-Mails
  4. Online Mode

The Complaint registered will be passed to the members and co-ordinators of the cell for the enquiry with complainant, victim and respondent.

The report will be passed to the Chairperson through co-ordinators for further action.

Application format for Redressal Boxes/Online Complaint Registration

  • Name of the complainant
  • Details of complainant
  • Name of the Victim
  • Details of the Victim
  • Name and details of the Responsible individual/ group
  • Complete details of the incident with date and time

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