Theivanai Ammal College for Women

Vision & Mission


To empower women with in-depth basic knowledge in Mathematics with an aptitude for research and to serve the society.


Mission of the Mathematics Department is committed to educate future leaders, emphasizing on mathematical research and to contribute to the well being of our citizen through creation and transfer of knowledge.

Goals & Objectives

The primary objectives of the M.Sc/ B.Sc programme are

Provide a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities for successful study in higher education institution.

Seek and succeed in the field of Research.

Promote a breadth of abilities and knowledge including quantitative and analytical skills and pursue career in various fields like Business, management and information technology.

Prepare the graduates for a lifetime learning, for leadership and for service to teaching and society.

The Department of Mathematics started functioning as an ancillary Department rightfrom the inception of the college in 1989 with one staff memberMs.V.S.Selvi.The department became a major department with the introduction ofB.Sc Mathematics in the year 1996.M.ScMathematics was introduced in the year2000.M.Phil Mathematics was introduced in the year 2006. At present there are four faculty members have 80 % approval to guide M.Phil student.

Establishment of the Department :1989

Initiation of the Courses

  • 1996, B.Sc.,
  • 2000, M.Sc.,
  • 2006, M.Phil
  • 2017, Ph.D (Parttime & Fulltime)