Theivanai Ammal College for Women

Vision & Mission


To pursuit knowledge in basic application and applied physics to accelerate students towards the world wide of physics.


Students in physics related programs are given training in analytical skills, creativity and imagination required to solve problems in their future fields. To give an experience with laboratory techniques and data analysis appropriate to technical endeavors.

Goals & Objectives

To provide ability to communicate scientific information effectively, in written and oral format.

To make knowledge of physics in one area to make appropriate intellectual connections and solve problems in others areas of physics.

To create competence in the physics laboratory, including a working knowledge of basic electronics and the ability to work independently.

To provide ability to identify and apply the appropriate analytical, numerical, computational and other mathematical tools necessary to solve problems in physics History

Our Department was started in 1993with two staff members and fifteen students.

The Department strength is progressively improving and now it has attained a strength of 110 students and six staff members

To understand the theories through experimentation and have hands on experience the department is provided with asplendid laboratory which runs through an area of 136sq.m.

It is well equipped with all types of apparatus and is frequently updated according to the change in syllabi as well as technological growth which is supplied by leading scientific companies.

Establishment of the Department: 2003

Initiation of the Courses

  • 2003, B.Sc.,
  • 2015, M.Sc.,
  • 2018, M.Phil.,