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The Physics Department at Theivanai Ammal College for Women (A) had its humble beginnings in the year 2003. At present, the Department has five faculty members and over the last seven years, the Department has scaled new heights in setting standards of education by promoting scientific nature and kindling curiosity in physics among students. The department has a well equipped laboratory with sophisticated equipment to provide the needs of practical course work of UG and PG students. Physics is a field of pure science that deals with the study and analysis of physical phenomena that occur around us, the nature of the forces that cause them, and exact measurement of the physical parameters involved, their interrelation, and the laws that govern them. This leads to a deeper understanding of the universe we live in.

Alumnae of the department are well placed in colleges, research institutes and government offices. The Physics department has received the overall championship in sports for three consecutive years from 2015-2018. The faculty members are actively involved in many advanced research areas namely crystal growth, nanoscience, material science, computational physics, optics, and nonlinear dynamics. The Department offers a series of invited lecturers to research knowledge among the students. The department has an association “SPICA Club” for exploring the innovations of student’s co-curricular skills. It becomes an effective facilitator for transferring knowledge of high quality to the students. The department received a grant of Rs. 10,000 /- from TNSCST under PG student project scheme during 2015-16 & 2016-2017 and received a grant of Rs. 7,500 /- from TNSCST under PG student project scheme during 2018-19 & 2022-2023.

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To build a centre of excellence in Physics by teaching students and scholars through experiments, workshops, conferences and encouraging them to engage in basic, applied and advanced research.

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To provide high-quality, science-based education to rural women and to empower them to become good scientists who are committed to societal improvement.

To establish national and international significance in strategic research fields by expanding our research enterprises through centres and institutes.

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To provide ability to communicate scientific information effectively, in written and oral format.

To make knowledge of physics in one area to make appropriate intellectual connections and solve problems in others areas of physics.

To create competence in the physics laboratory, including a working knowledge of basic electronics and the ability to work independently.

To provide ability to identify and apply the appropriate analytical, numerical, computational and other mathematical tools necessary to solve problems in physics History

Our Department was started in 1993 with two staff members and fifteen students.

The Department strength is progressively improving and now it has attained a strength of 110 students and six staff members

To understand the theories through experimentation and have hands on experience the department is provided with a splendid laboratory which runs through an area of 136sq.m.

It is well equipped with all types of apparatus and is frequently updated according to the change in syllabi as well as technological growth which is supplied by leading scientific companies.

Establishment of the Department: 2003

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