About Bio-chemistry Department


To create dynamic leaders with high quality and cost effective educational services in various fields of life science that meet the rural needs of the women folk through innovative technologies & methodologies in biochemistry.


Social empowerment of women by enhancing their self-confidence through quality education in Biochemistry.

Goals & Objectives:

To possess a well-rounded set of competencies.

To have a solid foundation in the content area and techniques of Biochemistry.

To be able to work effectively in a laboratory to generate new knowledge and critically evaluate their data.

To develop an aptitude for higher learning and research in the field of Bioinformatics,

To be able to solve problems in their discipline.

Biotechnology & Molecular Endocrinology.


The Department of Biochemistry was started in the year 1994 with 29 students registered for major Biochemistry. The department has qualified faculty members. The Department has so far produced 27 University ranks.

Initiation of the Course

1994, B.Sc.,

2009, M.Sc.,

2015, M.Sc.,

2018, M.Phil.,