Theivanai Ammal College for Women

Vision & Mission


To empower the students through job and skill oriented courses to face future challenges of the society and train them in the field of life science research to reach International standards.


To enhance academic excellence in the students in various fields of emerging trends that meet the rural needs of the women folk through innovative technologies and methodologies applied in Biochemistry.


Our thrust is on the social empowerment of women by offering application, technology & recent trend courses which enable to transform the present state of knowledge of aspiring Biochemistry students to face upcoming challenges effectively and efficiently.


Department of Biochemistry aims to understand the basis of all sciences related in the mechanism of life in health or diseases including Physiology, Metabolism, Genetics and Immunology.
  •  To provide a solid foundation in the basic concepts of Biochemistry.
  •  To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the molecular machinery of Biological system.
  •  To utilize basic laboratory skill and tools to obtain data from simple biochemical experiments.
  •  To develop analytical and critical thinking skills through scientific methods.
  •  To develop the skills for higher learning through research by providing projects undergraduate and post graduate level.
  •  To analyze, interpret and participate in reporting on the results of their laboratory experiments.
  •  To enable them to participate constructively in class room discussions, group work and to meet a deadline.
  •  To make use of digital sources and apply various platforms to convey and explain concepts of biochemistry.
  •  To retain and build on critical thinking skills and use them to update scientific knowledge and apply them in day to day life.
  •  To interrogate one’s own ethical values and to be aware of ethical and environmental issues.


The Department of Biochemistry was started in the year 1994 with 29 students registered for major Biochemistry. The department has qualified faculty members. The Department has so far produced 27 University ranks.

Initiation of the Course

  • 1994, B.Sc.,
  • 2009, M.Sc.,
  • 2015, M.Sc.,
  • 2018, M.Phil.,