About English Department


To help students appreciate Literature and develop language skills through quality education thereby making them competent in the job scenario and better human beings.


To produce competent leaders in the society by expanding and enlarging the level of knowledge through improvising their communicative skills to provide a better platform at the global level.

Goals and Objectives:

To enhance the LSRW skills

To enrich vocabulary

To be coherently expressive

To be able to demonstrate the knowledge and ability at times of need

To enrich students in DOE club (Drama, Oratorical and Elocution)

To take up International, Competitive Examinations


The Department of English started in 1989, has been offering UG program since 2003 and PG program since 2007 for the rural and down-trodden students. For the development of effective communication skills of the student, the department uses languages laboratory and audio visual aids. Soft skill programs are conducted regularly for all students.

Establishment of the Department: 1989

Initiation of the Courses:

2003, B.A., English.

2007, M.A., English.

2012, M.Phil., English.